About Shark Supply

Ohio Construction Academy’s, “Shark Supply”, is a student run business that includes both for profit goods and services as well as community outreach and service projects.  

OCA students, with supervision and guidance from licensed teachers, construction and business professionals, will develop: 

  • Critical thinking skills that can be applied to any academic content area and end of course examinations 
  • Professional skills required for employability 
  • Career and Technical skills in Construction Trades and Construction Management 

Students built the initiative from the ground up starting with writing business  and marketing plans.  These activities will foster creativity, reading and writing skills as well as teamwork and collaboration. Students also create and track profit margins, inventory sheets, time cards, orders, payments/billing, and work schedules. In addition to learning the business side of Construction, students utilize critical math skills and develop proficiency with technology and business communications.  

Through hands on work-based learning, students obtain Career and Technical skills that will allow them to be better prepared for assessments and NCCER Industry Credential certification tests. They also are exposed to jobsite conditions and develop leadership and management skills as well as time management, organization and punctuality.   

The community service projects not only allow the students to give back, but also increase the schools presence in the community. Strengthening our partnerships and building our network through community service will generate additional opportunities to share our story with the community. From word of mouth and social media, to branding the van and advertising with local media outlets, our initiative will continue to put OCA on the map.